Welcome to the Seminole County Chapter of Moms RUN This Town: A FREE Running Club For Moms! Well, all Women really!

Serving all of Seminole County including Oviedo, Winter Springs, Sanford, Lake Mary, Longwood, Geneva & Altamonte Springs.

“MRTT”, Moms Run This Town is a free running club for moms to support and motivate you in your running journey. It doesn’t matter if you are a walker or a runner…. someone who has never raced before or a marathoner… a mom to humans or a mom to pets… We just want to surround you with like-minded women who have a passion for staying healthy!!

We are excited you decided to join the Seminole County Chapter of Moms Run This Town. Feel free to ask questions and share your experiences – good and bad and everything in between – related to running.  We have experienced, intermediate, and beginner runners and walkers. So we will try to answer your questions to the best of our knowledge.

We have fun together by hosting group runs, meeting at races, social meet & greets, and fun events like Scavenger Hunts, bRUNch and our MRTT exclusive virtual races (Summer/Winter.)  We try very hard to keep this a fun, safe and motivational group that also likes to give back to our community. Please check the Events tab for upcoming events.

We do not have many rules but you can find our Do’s and Don’ts for posting on your Seminole Co, FL MRTT Facebook page:


  1. Encourage and cheer each other.
  2. Ask/answer running related questions according to your knowledge and experience.
  3. Share links to running events in our area.
  4. Share promo codes you come across to running events or running gear (unless is a product you are selling – see Don’ts)
  5. Share useful/motivational information related to running from a reputable source.
  6. Post pictures of group run/meets or your latest hard earn bling!
  7. Contact the Chapter Leader if you would like to host a group run or a meet up at a running event.


  1. Sell or Solicit of any products, events, charities, virtual races, fundraisers, sponsorships, etc.
  2. Post invites to home parties of various products or services.
  3. Private message our members for invites, promos, sales, etc.
  4. Be negative or demeaning towards a member. Please manage differences through private message.

UNOFFICIAL GROUP RUNS: All members are welcome to seek out activity partners on our page to meet up outside of our official schedule, however anything posted outside of our events tab is an “unofficial” group run and might not be held to MRTT standards.

The purpose of this group is to have runners come together for a common goal – to run! The benefit of being in this group is creating those connections to run together with others, even if it is outside one of our scheduled group runs. We encourage everyone to make an effort to attend a hosted group run (that can be found under our events tab) instead of attempting to schedule unofficial runs/meet ups. This can be a safety issue as well.

This is a running club. Please limit posts to running related matters. Posts that don’t follow these guidelines will be removed by the Chapter Leaders.

Promotional posts, such as, Virtual Races, products, and fundraisers are Chapter specific sponsored events are allowed.

Because we want to support you, the following are documents we’ve created to help you promote yourself. You can find these editable documents under the Files tab:

National Race Discounts and Product Discounts

Mama Blogs & Facebook Pages

Fundraisers / Virtual Races

Mama’s Business

If you are a Coach, Personal Trainer, Physical Therapist, Nutritionist or have a running related products you would like to share, please contact the Chapter Leader for ways you can provide sponsorship to the group.

Gear! Who doesn’t love to represent their passion and be part of a team? If you are looking for gear… it’s all right here: http://momsrunthistown.com/?wpam_refkey=MRTTSeminoleCoFL%40gmail.com

or http://momsrunthistown.com/?wpam_refkey=62

ALWAYS use this link when placing an order. Since we are a FREE running club, we as a chapter earn a small percentage back from these sales. Chapter Leaders use the percentage back to buy extra gear, race entries, or other cool prizes and make our events super awesome! If you have gone to any of our group runs, participated in our C25K training program, or a Winter or Summer event, you know what what we are talking about!

***It’s important to clarify that the Seminole Co, FL Chapter Leaders do not get any personal commission. All the money has and will go back to you, the chapter mamas.***

If you have questions about group or special orders please contact your chapter leader as the MRTT Logo is trademarked.

The Chapter Leader and Group Run Leaders are all volunteers. We do this because we love running and love encouraging other mamas on their running journey. Please help us continue to keep this group fun, supportive, and awesome by respecting the group’s guidelines. Thank you!

Angie Fontes – Chapter Leader & Lake Mary/Sanford Group Run Lead

Danielle Anderson – Chapter Leader & Group Run Leader Coordinator Winter Springs/Oviedo

Storey Landis  – Group Run Lead Coordinator Lake Mary/Altamonte Springs

Kim Greenberg – Social Media Coordinator (Instagram)

Check the Event Tab and join our weekly events on Facebook!

Email: MRTTSeminoleCoFL@gmail.com

Instagram: MRTTSeminoleCoFL


Blog: https://mrttseminolecounty.org/

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